Chicago Bulls Decide What to Do with Jimmy Butler via Trade Market

Chicago Bulls Decide What to Do with Jimmy Butler via Trade Market

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There has been a lot of speculation of Jimmy Butler being traded from the Chicago Bulls in order to rebuild the team, but it looks as though those rumors are finally put to bed. Zach Lowe of ESPN reports that Butler has finally been taken off the trade market:

The Bulls have talent. The frontcourt is well-stocked with good players, including Cristiano Felicio, a rugged and bouncy prospect the team adores. There just doesn’t appear to be a real plan beyond buying time. Butler is off the market for now, per league sources, and it’s tempting to read Chicago’s all-in splash as an effort to maintain a winner around him.”

With Butler finally off of the market, the Bulls are looking to build a playoff contending team after acquiring Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade in the offseason. This team has two NBA champions in their backcourt and have an All-Star forward in Butler.

The Bulls will likely make playoffs this year, but it remains a mystery of how well this team will gel together. It’s obvious that this team lacks a good shooter, so look for the Bulls to pick one up throughout the offseason.

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