Chicago Bulls Guard Hints That He Wants to Be Traded

Chicago Bulls Guard Hints That He Wants to Be Traded

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Last night, Chicago Bulls coach Fred Hoiberg made yet another change to his starting lineup.

Second-year guard Jerian Grant, who came to the Bulls from the New York Knicks as part of the Derrick Rose trade, became the Bulls third starting point guard of the season. After controversial Chicago guard Rajon Rondo flamed out of the rotation, he was replaced by 2014 Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. Now, with the team continuing to struggle, Grant enters.

After being replaced as the starter, Rondo suggested he should be traded if he wasn’t going to get playing time. After last night’s 100-92 victory over the Orlando Magic, Carter-Williams followed Rondo’s example.

Via the Chicago Sun Times: 

It is kind of frustrating,” Carter-Williams said. “But as a player, you’ve just got to stay the course, keep getting better each day. Hopefully you get your [playing] time. If it’s not one team, maybe it’s another.”

When asked if he thought Rondo’s demand for a trade was fair:

I think everybody pretty much has that mind-set if they were in that position,” Carter-Williams said. “Some people have more luxury to say it than others.”

The former Milwaukee Buck is not going quite as far as Rondo did. He isn’t explicitly saying “play me or trade me,” but the intent is pretty clear when he says “if it’s not one team, it’s another.”

Carter-Williams is a bad fit on the Bulls, especially with their starting lineup. Because he has no shooting whatsoever, he needs to have the ball in his hands in order to be effective, and that means taking the ball out of Jimmy Butler or Dwyane Wade’s hands.

For that reason, it makes sense for the young guard — now on his third team in four seasons — to be traded. He doesn’t work with this roster, but he has talent and the ability to run an offense for the right team.

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