Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls and Boston Celtics Nearing Decision on Jimmy Butler Trade

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls and Boston Celtics Nearing Decision on Jimmy Butler Trade

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When you’re a superstar on a struggling team like Chicago Bulls forward Jimmy Butler, you are bound to be involved in trade rumors on a near daily basis.

When you’re a successful team who is clearly one superstar away and has a boatload of assets like the Boston Celtics, you are bound to be involved in constant trade rumors as well.

So it makes sense that Butler’s most frequent companion in trade rumors would be the Celtics. He is a perfect fit on their roster, and they have the most valuable group of trade assets of any team in the league.

But according to a report from Michael Pina of Bleacher Report, this logical connection isn’t quite enough for either team, and a Butler trade is unlikely to happen before the deadline.

Jimmy Butler, who seems disgruntled on the struggling Chicago Bulls, feels like the perfect answer. And some rival executives believe Boston will rekindle trade talks with the Windy City’s front office before the Feb. 23 deadline, according to the Chicago Tribune’s K.C. Johnson.

“If Chicago lowers its price and is willing to take something like the 2018 Nets pick, the 2019 Memphis pick, Amir Johnson, Kelly Olynyk and Terry Rozier, then a deal can be brokered. But the Celtics aren’t desperate enough to offer much else, which is why this trade won’t go down.”

As is the case with most Celtics trade rumors, they just aren’t willing to give up enough of their assets to get the deal done.

The Bulls should be in no rush to trade their All-Star forward anyway. They have him locked up until 2019 when he will have a player option, and his value is not going to decrease anytime soon.

The fastest path to a rebuild for Chicago will be through building around their three-time All-Star, or by flipping him into the most valuable package of assets possible. The front office would be wise to hold out for the best deal they can get from Boston.

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