Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Nearing Decision on Rajon Rondo’s Contract Option

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Nearing Decision on Rajon Rondo’s Contract Option

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Rajon Rondo

Earlier this season, it seemed as though Chicago Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo wasn’t even going to finish a full season with the team.

He went from the starting lineup to the end of the bench seemingly overnight, and was openly clashing with his coaches and teammates. Somehow, he turned it all around, and has even found himself back in the starting lineup as of late.

Now, according to this report from Sam Smith of, there is even a chance Rondo will be back next season as the Bulls are considering picking up his contract for another year.

For all the plans everyone may or may not have, most everyone makes judgments on the last thing they saw. I’ve always assumed, unlike those who believed Rondo was a buyout or trade possibility, that he was around for one season as a transitional player, possible trade piece with the small buyout and then onto someone else. It may still be, but for all the changes and tryouts and auditions, Rondo has remained and emerged as the one true point guard on the roster and the best for doing what coach Fred Hoiberg wants to do.

“It no longer seems ridiculous to think the Bulls would pick up his option for next season as with the circumstances and Wade probably returning, it might make sense to run with him another season before perhaps a big payroll available for free agency the summer of 2018.”

Rondo has averaged 7.4 points, 6.5 assists, and 4.9 rebounds per game in his first season with the Bulls, offering the only thing close to consistent point guard play among the many options coach Fred Hoiberg has had to choose from.

The team option in Rondo’s contract is worth $13.397 million, a relatively expensive price to pay for a considerably below average point guard.

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