Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Shopping Two Big Name Rotation Players

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Shopping Two Big Name Rotation Players

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In order for this season to be a success for the Chicago Bulls, they needed everything to go right.

They needed everyone on the roster to mesh perfectly. They needed their veteran players to meet expectations while their young players took great strides.

So far none of the above has happened, and as the trade deadline approaches, the front office is looking to make changes. For starters, the Bulls are looking to move one disappointing veteran and one disappointing young player: Rajon Rondo and Nikola Mirotic are both on the trade market, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

So the Bulls front office isn’t sleeping through this 22-23 start after all.

“According to multiple sources, the Bulls have been actively shopping Rajon Rondo and Nikola Mirotic in hopes of shaking up the roster, as well as making a second-half run in the wide-open Eastern Conference.”

The Bulls apparently feel like a roster shakeup could allow for a playoff run in the second half of the season, and they might not be wrong. They are just barely holding onto the eighth seed in the Eastern Conference right now, but at the same time, they are only two games behind the fifth place Washington Wizards and only five games behind the third place Boston Celtics.

The more pressing question is what they can actually get for Rondo or Mirotic. With Rondo, it’s quite obvious: no one is giving up anything for Rondo who can barely stay in a struggling Bulls rotation. But Mirotic is a young stretch four who, despite struggling through this current season, still has a great deal of potential.

Either way, it is good to see the Bulls front office looking to make changes. They will likely have to give up more if they want anything of value back though.

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