Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Unlikely to Move Rajon Rondo Before Trade Deadline

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Bulls Unlikely to Move Rajon Rondo Before Trade Deadline

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The most consistent thing about the 2016-17 Chicago Bulls season has been its inconsistency.

The team is inconsistent on the court, constantly swinging between hot streaks and cold streaks. But the strategy of the organization has seemed wildly inconsistent as well.

There are constant leaks about the next move for the front office, and no rumor seems to be in line with the one that came before it. The Bulls trading point guard Rajon Rondo once seemed like the closest to a sure thing you could get — but now that doesn’t appear to be the case.

According to this report from Bleacher Report writer Kevin Ding, fans should not expect to see a Rondo trade happen before the trade deadline.

Despite Rondo’s benching and the public back and forth, no one should expect the Bulls to move him in an admission of roster-building guilt before the Feb. 23 trade deadline.”

While this sudden turn of events may be shocking, it seems like it may be good news. Ding goes on to note that the decision is largely based on the chemistry Rondo has developed with the Bulls’ young second-unit. Chicago has found success off of the bench recently when allowing the former Boston Celtics point guard to run with a trio of young sharpshooting forwards in Nikola Mirotic, Paul Zipser, and Doug McDermott.

Now that Rondo isn’t trying to share the ball with Bulls stars Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, he has proven to be of much more use to the team. Regardless, with the amount of problems Rondo has presented on and off of the court in each of his last few stops, it is unlikely the Bulls would have been able to get a healthy return in a trade.

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