Chicago Bulls Rumors: Five Potential Star Free Agency Targets Emerge for Bulls

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Five Potential Star Free Agency Targets Emerge for Bulls

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With the Chicago Bulls’ season in free fall and the chances of seeing the playoffs looking uncertain, it’s natural to look ahead to the future.

The Bulls will have to make some big moves this offseason to get the team headed in the right direction, whether they want to build around All-Star forward Jimmy Butler or transition into a rebuild.

If they plan on keeping Butler, most of their moves will come via free agency. A report today from Gil Alcaraz of Fan Sided identifies five targets the Bulls could pursue this summer: Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin, Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry, Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward, Indiana Pacers guard Jeff Teague, and, most notably, two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry:

Now this would be the real dream. I’ve already discussed why the Bulls need help at point guard, but signing Stephen Curry would be like injecting nitro into this offense. I can only imagine what a combination of Curry and Butler would look like.

More importantly, Curry would give one of the NBA’s most average offenses some serious scoring potential. We’ve all seen the type of damage the dynamic point guard can do when he gets hot. Not only does he have amazing handles, but he uses them to create open looks–which he sinks with style more often than not.

Signing Curry would give the Bulls the star power needed to bring this franchise back to its glory days. While I wouldn’t go as far as comparing them to the 1995-96 Chicago team, having the two-time NBA MVP on the roster would go a long way towards bringing the Bulls back to relevance. I mean, he did help the Warriors break that Bulls team’s long-standing mark for the best single-season record.

Crazier things have happened in the NBA, but Curry is nearly guaranteed to bring his talents back to the Warriors this offseason. Barring some absurd scenario playing out that sends him to the open market, he could very well play out the remainder of his professional career in the Bay Area.

As Alcaraz notes, most people are expecting Curry to remain with the Golden State Warriors. But then again, no one was realistically expecting Kevin Durant to head to Golden State this time last year, so anything is possible.

While Curry is the flashiest name, the more realistic options are equally exciting. Lowry in particular would be a great addition if he felt his time in Toronto was coming to an end. He’s an All-Star point guard who can shoot at a high clip, and has no issue sharing the ball with a star wing like Butler.

Lowry, Hayward, and Griffin are all big swings, but the Bulls should have a strong chance at Teague. Teague would be an upgrade over the messy point guard situation the Bulls have dealt with this season, if not a franchise changing acquisition like Curry or Lowry.

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