Chicago Bulls Rumors: Three Guards Emerge as Bulls Free Agency Targets

Chicago Bulls Rumors: Three Guards Emerge as Bulls Free Agency Targets

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Jeff Teague

The Chicago Bulls made a major roster building misfire this season at the point guard position.

Last offseason, they signed former Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, who, even in the best-case scenario, was a troubling fit with Bulls stars Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade. They doubled down on this mistake by trading for 2014 Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams, another guard who can not shoot.

This makes their main offseason goal pretty clear. Regardless of what Wade, who has a player option in his contract, ends up doing, a new guard is desperately needed in Chicago.

Now, this report from Dan Favale of Bleacher Report is presenting three free agent guards the Bulls could be pursuing: Indiana Pacers guards C.J. Miles and Jeff Teague, and San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills:

Acquiring Cameron Payne doesn’t preclude Chicago from signing a point guard. Carter-Williams and Rondo should be goners, and Jerian Grant’s recent love affair with three-point makes isn’t to be trusted.

Jeff Teague and Patty Mills are two solid, non-max playmakers who fit beside Butler. They can work on or off the ball, and either one beefs up the Bulls’ wonky floor-spacing.

C.J. Miles is the combo wing Chicago doesn’t have beyond Butler. He is a better shooter than Nikola Mirotic and does far more defensively shimmying between the 3 and 4 than the departed Doug McDermott ever did.

While Teague and Mills will both be free agents, Miles has a player option, meaning it will be up to him whether or not he hits free agency.

It would be reasonable to expect the Spurs to cash out for Mills. He shoots the three and plays excellent defense, and has proven he fits in the San Antonio system. But if not, he would be an excellent option for the Bulls.

Ideally, the Bulls would sign one of the point guards, Teague and Mills, as well as the combo guard Miles to bring in as much shooting as possible.

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