Derrick Rose Explains Why He Stopped Wearing Mask

Derrick Rose Explains Why He Stopped Wearing Mask

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Derrick Rose has been developing back into his old self again and fans have argued it was because of the mask.  Rose took off the mask a few games back because it was bothering him.  Now, Rose has suddenly been averaging more points and shooting a lot better.  Rose had this to say about the mask:

“I love the mask,’’ Rose said Wednesday. “But I just felt like with the mask, I got too much faith to be hiding behind something. So I just took it off. If I was to get hit again, of course I wouldn’t want to, but it would be out of my hands. It’s not in my control anymore. So I just took it off and put it in God’s hands. As far as playing with it off, I really can’t tell the difference. The games have still been the same. It’s just that I’m getting my legs under me a little bit more.’’


When told of the disparity in his shooting around the rim since taking the mask off, well, Rose is the master of doubling down on his own opinion.

“You could say that,’’ Rose responded. “I’m saying mentally, I wouldn’t know. When I had it on, I felt alright about having it on. I didn’t complain about having it on or putting it back on. I really don’t read into that. All I know is, it was alright when I had it.’’

— via Chicago Sun-Times

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not it was the mask, but Rose sure does make it seem like it could have been.

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