Derrick Rose Takes Shot at Former Chicago Bulls Teammates

Derrick Rose Takes Shot at Former Chicago Bulls Teammates

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Derrick Rose and Former Teammates

Derrick Rose has had quite the summer of headlines. The NBA offseason got kicked off by his blockbuster trade from the Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks. After his former Bulls teammate Joakim Noah joined him in New York, he made waves by putting the Knicks in the same class of “superteam” as the Golden State Warriors. And while all of that has been going on in his basketball life, he has also been preparing for a trial where he is being accused of rape.

While we wait to find out what happens with the point guard’s trial, Rose has generated headlines by taking an obvious shot at his old Bulls teammates.

I think it’s the most talented team I’ve played on, even though I haven’t played with them yet—just looking at the stat sheet, working out with them. So my job is to come in and get everybody going, then have my spot where I can try to dominate the game.”

Derrick Rose via the NBPA

The quote is as bold as it is unnecessary. Obviously it’s good for Rose to build up his current teammates, but taking a shot at the many talented teammates he played with in Chicago is a little lame to say the least.

It also probably isn’t true. The teammates Rose played with for most of this decade, especially the team that won 60 games in 2011, were deep, great teams that proved a legitimate challenge to the dynasty in Miami. Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis are appealing, but the talent from top to bottom likely will not compare to those peak-Bulls teams.

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