In the summer of 2015, when point guard Derrick Rose was still a member of the Chicago Bulls, a story was published by TMZ that revealed Rose was being sued for a rape which occurred two years prior.

The accusations: Rose invited a woman, referred to as “Jane Doe” since her identity has not been revealed at this time, to a party at his house. After she left, he and two of his friends went over to her house and raped her.

Now, the case is moving forward in a major way, and with that movement, new details from the story are coming out into the public eye.

As for the night in question, there is evidence to suggest that Doe was unconscious, or at the very least asleep, when Rose, Hampton and Allen showed up to her apartment. There are unanswered calls and text messages to her phone from Rose from 2:05 a.m. to 2:53 a.m.

“Doe claims that she ‘woke up fully dressed and wet with lubricant.’ Her sheets were messed up; she had found some blood, and there was a used condom.

“Rose previously tried to get his civil case thrown out, but the courts denied the request. The case will go to trial on October 4, while his new team, the New York Knicks will be in training camp.”

via Uproxx

Overall, things look very bad for new New York Knicks point guard Rose. Even though it is difficult to convict someone of rape in many cases, the evidence seems pretty strong. Regardless of whether Rose gets convicted, the story is likely to hang over Rose’s season in a very unfortunate, if extremely deserved, way.

This is easily the most depressing development of what was overall a very sad era in Bulls basketball. It seemed as though Rose could at least be remembered fondly for his MVP season and the Eastern Conference Finals runs — with his horrible injuries being the only detractor from his legacy. Now, these serious allegations will affect the way fans remember him in a much more meaningful way.

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