Dwyane Wade on Rajon Rondo: ‘Best Point Guard I’ve Ever Played With’

Dwyane Wade on Rajon Rondo: ‘Best Point Guard I’ve Ever Played With’

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Right now, three-time NBA champion Dwyane Wade is experiencing something he hasn’t experienced since his rookie season: starting out fresh with a new team. After 13 seasons with the Miami Heat, Wade decided it was time for a fresh start and signed with his hometown Chicago Bulls.

This of course means that Wade must attempt to fit in in a new city, on a new roster, with a boatload of new teammates and former rivals. The most prominent of those rivals, and the player likely to have the most trouble fitting in with Wade is former Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo. In case you don’t remember, the Heat-Celtics rivalry of the early 2010s was pretty heated, especially between Wade and Rondo — Wade even broke his new teammate’s arm one time.

The good news for Bulls fans though: Wade is already heaping some big praise onto Rondo.

While this is great news and a nice thing for Wade to say, it isn’t like Rondo is leaping over a super high bar here. Which of Wade’s former teammates could take offense to this? Mario Chalmers? Don’t think so. Goran Dragic is really the only point guard among Wade’s past teammates I would consider better than Rondo, and he and Wade were never a good fit.

This quote from Wade adds him to the list of Bulls who have given Rondo their stamp of approval with Jimmy Butler and coach Fred Hoiberg. All good news out of Chicago so far, but we’ll see if all of these good vibes continue once the real basketball gets started.

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