Dwyane Wade Reflects on Tough Week for the Bulls After Win Over 76ers

Dwyane Wade Reflects on Tough Week for the Bulls After Win Over 76ers

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If you took a look at the standings, this current Chicago Bulls stretch doesn’t look that bad.

They’re 5-5 in their last ten games, right on par with their season pace with their record currently sitting at 24-25. But if you have been following them day-to-day, you know they are a basketball team in freefall.

Their stars are openly calling out the young players, the young players are complaining and asking for trades, and Rajon Rondo is going off on Instagram. The locker room seems divided, and it is unclear if coach Fred Hoiberg remains in control.

But winning heals all wounds, even if it is against a Philadelphia 76ers team missing Joel Embiid, like the Bulls 121-108 win last night was. Now, Chicago heads out on a long road trip, and the team’s veteran leader Dwyane Wade is reflecting on how things went wrong, and how to get the team back on track.

Wade is keeping his finger away from the panic button and putting a positive spin back on the Bulls season. After all, Chicago currently holds a playoff spot and is only six games out of the number two spot in the Eastern Conference. If they can make a nice trade at the deadline or continue to see production from the Rondo-led bench unit, good things could come.

Bulls star Jimmy Butler and center Robin Lopez led the attack against the Sixers, combining for 49 points on 17-31 shooting. Wade chipped in 14 points and six rebounds, with Rondo racking up ten assists off of the bench.

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