Dwyane Wade Responds to Potential Jimmy Butler Trade

Dwyane Wade Responds to Potential Jimmy Butler Trade

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With the  Chicago Bulls season in virtual free fall, trade rumors are beginning to swell.

With former starting point guard Rajon Rondo out of the rotation, it seems obvious he will be headed out of Chicago sooner rather than later. But those aren’t the rumors Dwyane Wade addressed today.

Instead, he discussed the trade rumors surrounding Bulls star Jimmy Butler. For now, Wade doesn’t seem too worried.

Dwyane Wade believes it’s the market of Chicago that leads to such daily and weekly controversy.

“’It’s a big market. It’s the Bulls. Our best player is in a rumor right now,’ Wade said. ‘It doesn’t matter. It’s been a rumor every week but nothing has happened. It’s a big market, something to talk about. A couple extra hits. It’s the way the world works, the world we’re in. Someone decided to write something with no merit. And if it does have merit, way to be first in line for the scoop.’

“Although the two are obviously close and Wade being much more experienced than Butler, he said he wouldn’t give the rumors life by talking to his teammate about it.

“’For what? Who wrote an article? Somebody wrote an article? Who cares. Like I said, you can control what you can control,’ Wade said. ‘You can’t control somebody waking up one day and wanting to stir something up in Chicago and write an article.’”

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Wade also stated that, like Russell Westbrook or James Harden, Butler has no price right now, suggesting that there is nothing a team could offer that would be worth giving up Butler for.

Obviously, Wade isn’t going to stand in front of the press and reveal any valuable information he might have about a Butler trade, but this should still come as some relief to Bulls fans.

Wade is clearly the veteran leader in Chicago, and he and Butler are definitely on the same page. Wade wants Butler in Chicago, but we will have to wait and see if the front office feels the same.

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