Jimmy Butler Calls Illness ‘Hell’ and Reveals the Worst Part

Jimmy Butler Calls Illness ‘Hell’ and Reveals the Worst Part

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Jimmy Butler

Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler returned to the court last night after missing two games due to a brutal illness.

Butler came out on the other side of his illness ten pounds lighter. But despite the significant weight loss, Butler had a great first game back against the New Orleans Pelicans, scoring 28 points in the Bulls’ 107-99 victory.

After the game, the All-Star guard discussed his illness and overshared more than a little bit.

Butler’s digestive struggles lend a bit of explanation to his weight loss and to why his illness sidelined him for multiple games. It can be hard to warm up when you can’t get off of the toilet.

The Bulls star also noted that he felt great in his first game back, saying he had a great deal of energy due to the rest he has gotten over the last week. Butler was able to play a full minutes load, and added eight rebounds and six assists to his impressive scoring effort.

Controversial Bulls guard Rajon Rondo played for the third game in a row, but struggled to contribute scoring only six points in 19 minutes. Dwyane Wade, who is resting tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies, took control in the fourth quarter, scoring 17 points and securing the Bulls’ victory.


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