Jimmy Butler Has Had a Change of Heart About Coach Fred Hoiberg

Jimmy Butler Has Had a Change of Heart About Coach Fred Hoiberg

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Jimmy Butler and Fred Hoiberg

Chicago Bulls star Jimmy Butler’s feelings about Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg have been all too public so far in Hoiberg’s tenure.

Last season, Butler openly expressed his displeasure with the job his coach was doing in his first season, saying he needed to be coached harder. He followed that up before this year even started by saying he still wanted Hoiberg to coach him harder.

After the Bulls fantastic start to the season, comfortably winning their first three games, Butler has proven that winning heals all wounds.

It’s a pretty funny quote considering his last negative quote about Hoiberg couldn’t have been more than three weeks ago. It will be interesting to see if the Bulls can keep up their strong play throughout the season. They had a nice win over the Boston Celtics, but beating the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers isn’t really anything worth writing home about.

If the Bulls keep winning, everything should be fine between Butler and Hoiberg. But if the Bulls hit a rough patch, will Butler’s feelings about his coach decline along with their record?

Hopefully, Butler’s change of heart isn’t just due to the Bulls’ early season success, but actual tangible improvements for Hoiberg, or perhaps the new veteran leadership of Dwyane Wade. Either way, things are looking up in Chicago as the first week of the season comes to a close.

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