Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade Respond to Rajon Rondo’s Instagram Rant

Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade Respond to Rajon Rondo’s Instagram Rant

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The last two days have seen nothing short of all-out war break out in the Chicago Bulls locker room.

It started with Bulls stars Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade dishing out some heavy criticism of their teammates after Wednesday night’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks. The next day, Chicago point guard Rajon Rondo responded with a lengthy Instagram post clearly intended to insult Wade and Butler.

As the Bulls get ready to play the Miami Heat tonight, Butler and Wade are taking their turn to respond. But things seem to be cooling down, at least a bit.

The two Bulls stars seem to be transitioning into leader mode in an attempt to move on from any drama they may have started. Rondo being unhappy is nothing new for this year’s Chicago squad, so it likely won’t change much.

On top of Butler and Wade’s responses, Rondo revealed he was fined for his Instagram post, and that he “wasn’t trying to be that bad guy.”

Bulls executive Gar Forman reportedly met with every member of the team to stop the public fighting deeming it “unacceptable.”

Coach Fred Hoiberg also responded to Rondo’s Instagram post in an attempt to dispel the notion that players have an inappropriate amount of influence over the coaching staff, as Rondo suggested in his post.

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