Jimmy Butler Could Be Traded Depending on Major Factor

Jimmy Butler Could Be Traded Depending on Major Factor

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Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade

The Chicago Bulls major offseason acquisitions of Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade predictably raised questions about the future of the team. The fit both on-court and off between Rondo, Wade, and current Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler is leaving many skeptical.

All signs were pointing to Butler being the franchise player in Chicago for years to come. But why would your two major offseason moves involve bringing in a player that plays the same position as your franchise guy, and another player who doesn’t complement him at all?

Trade rumors swirled around Butler throughout the summer, but nothing ever materialized. Now, it appears it should stay that way throughout the season, unless Butler becomes a major problem.

Butler played an instrumental role in recruiting Dwyane Wade to Chicago and the Bulls’ view is that Butler and Wade complement each other really well.

There is no question that if Butler is difficult to coach or if the Bulls’ season collapses that all bets are off, mainly because ownership is not going to sit idle if Chicago is outside the playoff picture again this year. But from all accounts, the Bulls are sticking with Butler for the foreseeable future, which makes him all but unobtainable.”

— via Basketball Insiders

Parts of this information are good and parts are bad. The fact that Butler helped recruit Wade to Chicago has to be seen as a huge relief. It means he is on board with the deal and excited to play with Wade.

The second paragraph is a little more troubling, mainly the phrase “if Butler is difficult to coach or if the Bulls’ season collapses.” Butler already showed last season that he is less than pleased with coach Fred Hoiberg. Now, his future with the team seems dependent on their relationship panning out.

It’s good that the Bulls’ have no immediate plans to trade Butler, but this whole situation just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I don’t think Rondo, Wade, and Butler are going to play well together. I don’t think the Bulls project as a playoff team right now. And according to this new info, that could mean Butler gets traded before the end of the season.


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