Joakim Noah Discusses Altercation With His ‘Son’ Taj Gibson

Joakim Noah Discusses Altercation With His ‘Son’ Taj Gibson

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During Thursday night’s game between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls, former teammates Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah got into it a bit.

Gibson scored on Noah, and gave the new Knicks center some grief about it. Gibson got a technical foul for his behavior.

After the game, Noah was asked about his interaction with his former teammate, and took the opportunity to roast Gibson just a little.

Noah’s line seemed to be in pretty good jest between two long-time teammates.

The heated interaction between Gibson and Noah was the only real moment of tension between the Bulls and their former teammates Noah and Derrick Rose. Rose talked about his relationship with Chicago after the game, saying after playing them once they now just feel like “any other team.”

The Knicks beat the Bulls pretty handily at a final score of 104-89. New York also got the best of Chicago during their first meeting on Nov. 4, when they won by a score of 117-104 in Chicago.


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