Joakim Noah Working on Deal With Bulls’ to Stay With Team

Joakim Noah Working on Deal With Bulls’ to Stay With Team

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Early yesterday, it was reported that Joakim Noah was telling teammates that he would be leaving Chicago as soon as free agency started. On the contrary, ESPN reports that Noah could be working on a deal with the Chicago Bulls to stay with the team long term:

“Anyone who has been around us, anybody who has spoken to either [general manager Gar Forman] or I about Joakim, they know how we feel about him,” Paxson said. “He represents a lot of things that we believe in. To me, he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve ever been around in this business, as far as people go. So we have an affinity for Jo. But we’ve got to talk, we’ve got to see where it goes.”

–via ESPN

Both reports are conflicting so it will be hard to tell what will happen to the young center.  In either case, the Bulls’ front office and the fans both agree that Noah is a valued member of the franchise.

If Noah decides to stay, it will be likely that Pau Gasol will be moved in the offseason.  It has become increasingly obvious that the two can not coexist on the same team.

Noah is coming off the worst season of his career and things can only get better from here on it.  Fans will be thriving to see Noah return to his old defensive self in the near future.

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