Kevin Durant Calls Jimmy Butler an Idiot For NFL Claims

Kevin Durant Calls Jimmy Butler an Idiot For NFL Claims

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Jimmy Butler guards Kevin Durant

Earlier today, Chicago Bulls guard Jimmy Butler spoke about his football skills, specifically as a wide receiver. He seemed pretty confident, saying he could replace Antonio Brown or Demaryius Thomas.

Apparently, Kevin Durant doesn’t think quite as highly about the shooting guard’s football abilities.

“He’s an idiot. Jimmy’s an idiot,” Durant responded when told about Butler’s comments.

“I wouldn’t pick you on my fantasy team if you were in the league right now,”

— Kevin Durant vibua Bleacher Report

Perhaps Butler will pursue an NFL career after his NBA career and prove Durant and his other doubters wrong, much like former NBA player Nate Robinson is doing now. Until then, it does seem like a pretty bold claim from Butler.

An athlete like him could probably do whatever he wants if he put his mind to it, but taking the place of Antonio Brown is a pretty tall order.

Durant taking a shot at Butler follows a long summer of Team USA players clowning each other. Draymond Green made fun of his teammates’ hairlines on Snapchat, then his teammates got him back by mocking his accidental dick pic situation.

Team USA has been having a bunch of fun off of the court, but their on court chemistry has yet to match. Besides one impressive victory over Argentina, Team USA has largely given underwhelming performances so far.

The squad will take on Serbia tomorrow to decide the winner of the god medal in basketball. This follows the Women’s Basketball team’s sixth straight gold medal victory, which they clinched earlier today. Hopefully, they will be able to give their strongest performance yet.

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