Kobe Bryant Talks About The Time Michael Jordan ‘Schooled’ Him

Kobe Bryant Talks About The Time Michael Jordan ‘Schooled’ Him

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Kobe Bryant has always looked up to Michael Jordan throughout his career as did many other players in the league. Kobe once faced off against the Chicago Bulls and remembers how they were on the floor against them:

Bryant, recalling his rookie season, said he was “getting schooled for the baseline dunk the first time I matched up with” Jordan at the United Center on Dec. 17, 1996.

“That was like the coolest thing, because I had seen that spin move so many times. I knew he was going to do it. But the timing on TV and in person are two completely different things. So he just spun right before I thought he was going to spin. I was like, ‘Man, that was pretty cool.'”

“I think the biggest learning experience, though, was the first time we came out here,” Bryant said, “and I think we had a [18]-point lead and then Scottie [Pippen] and Michael just said, ‘That’s enough.’

“I remember sitting there on the bench like, ‘Man, they’re covering so much ground. I don’t even understand how this is possible. How Pippen can trap in the backcourt and then all of the sudden he’s at half court and then all of the sudden he’s getting a rebound at the rim. How is this physically possible?’ That was probably the biggest lesson I learned.”


Bryant has had a lot of mentors from Michael Jordan to Magic Johnson and this shows a great learning process from the young bloods to the veterans. Kobe has been passing on knowledge to the young players these days and its great to see his point of view when he was a younger guy.

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