Michael Jordan Has Classy Response to Warriors New Record

Michael Jordan Has Classy Response to Warriors New Record

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NBA records were meant to be broken and the Golden State Warriors just broke the regular season record, last night. The regular season record was last set by the 95′-96′ Chicago Bulls and was broken, last night, by the Golden State Warriors.

The whole social media world was blowing up and many people would expect a response from any member of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan had a classy response for this:

“I want to congratulate the Warriors on their amazing season,” Jordan said in a statement. “The game of basketball is always evolving and records are made to be broken. The Warriors have been a lot of fun to watch and I look forward to seeing what they do in the playoffs.” (Michael Jordan)

The quote was originally reported by Estee Portnoy on twitter:

Whether or not you think the regular season record matters or not, many can agree on both teams’ greatness. Both teams had historic seasons and the Bulls went off to win the championship. Will the Warriors follow their steps?

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