Rajon Rondo: ‘Competitive’ Practices Have Almost Led to Multiple Team Fights

Rajon Rondo: ‘Competitive’ Practices Have Almost Led to Multiple Team Fights

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Rajon Rondo

The key to the Chicago Bulls’ late season playoff push has been controversial point guard Rajon Rondo, who found his way back into the starting lineup in March and has been giving the team consistently good minutes at point guard for the first time all-year.

Rondo has been all over the place in his first season with the Bulls, spending time coming off of the bench, as well as completely out of the rotation. He has struggled on-the-court, and caused chemistry issues off.

After Saturday’s big time win over the Atlanta Hawks, Rondo opened up about some of the team’s chemistry issues, and admitted that fights have almost broken out in practice multiple times throughout the year:

Rondo also called Saturday’s win the biggest game of the season, and proclaimed that the Bulls, currently sitting in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, will continue to climb the standings:

The former Boston Celtics point guard was huge in the team’s win over Atlanta, putting up 25 points, six assists, and 11 rebounds and posting a +5 in 36 minutes.


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