Rajon Rondo Goes off on Bulls, Fred Hoiberg Over ‘Bulls–t’ Benching

Rajon Rondo Goes off on Bulls, Fred Hoiberg Over ‘Bulls–t’ Benching

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A big reason for the Chicago Bulls rough 2016-17 campaign has been the struggles of new point guard Rajon Rondo.

The signing was questionable the moment it happened, and it has gone as badly as anyone could have feared. Rondo was a bad fit with Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade, he butted heads with the coaching staff, and now he is out of the rotation.

With a trade or release likely coming soon, Rondo revealed his true feelings about the entire situation.

Based on how candid Rondo is being here, it seems pretty clear he doesn’t want a future in Chicago. He openly admits he isn’t talking to his coach and calls the whole situation “bulls–t.”

Rondo is expected to return to the court tonight with the Bulls facing multiple injuries, but he must not be too interested in retaining those minutes.

This behavior is likely to accelerate his departure from Chicago, but it certainly lowers his trade value as well, if that’s even possible at this point. It’s hard to think of one situation where Rondo is a good fit basketball-wise, not even considering team chemistry.

If Rondo ever starts for a professional basketball team again, it is probably going to be in another country. Perhaps he can join his longtime friend Josh Smith in China.

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