Rajon Rondo Suspended by Bulls for ‘Heated Exchange’ With Coach

Rajon Rondo Suspended by Bulls for ‘Heated Exchange’ With Coach

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Rajon Rondo

Many basketball fans and analysts — myself included — were extremely skeptical of the Chicago Bulls coming in to the new season.

It was obvious they had some talent, but myself and others were highly doubtful of the fit, and, more importantly, the chemistry.

So far, we have been dead wrong, with the Bulls getting off to a strong start and already showing signs of good chemistry early on.

That chemistry has just taken a hit though with unfortunate news about point guard Rajon Rondo.

The loss to the Dallas Mavericks referred to in the tweet was a particularly bad one. The Bulls were missing one of their starters in Dwyane Wade, but regardless, the Mavericks came into the game with the worst record in the league, and the game was never even competitive with the Mavs winning n a blowout. It makes sense that tempers flared.

Still, this continues a long tradition of Rondo not coexisting well with his coaching staff. Doc Rivers allegedly punched him in the face once, and Rick Carlisle pretty openly despised having him on his team.

Despite the Bulls’ early success, Rondo has been pretty mediocre thus far. If he is going to cause problems like this for the team, perhaps a trade is in order.

Although at this point, it may be next to impossible to find a team actually willing to give anything up for Rondo. It has been a long time since he has given a team legitimately good minutes. Chicago may be stuck with him for now.

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