Report: Bulls Could Move Taj Gibson Before Trade Deadline

Report: Bulls Could Move Taj Gibson Before Trade Deadline

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Taj Gibson

With the Chicago Bulls sitting at a disappointing 19-18 approaching the halfway point of the season, it is clear that a shakeup is needed.

The Bulls made multiple win-now moves in the offseason and, so far, they aren’t working out. But with Jimmy Butler playing the best ball of his career, the recent rumors of the Bulls shopping him seem unlikely.

It’s much more likely that benched guard Rajon Rondo will be traded, but his value is at an all-time low, and the return will be small.

In the below video, Bleacher Report writer Greg Anthony predicts that the Bulls will look to shake up their big man rotation by moving Taj Gibson.

Gibson remains a quality player, but not one who is essential to the Bulls. He isn’t a great fit with their starting center Robin Lopez, and lacks in the department the Bulls are most desperate for: shooting.

With the Bulls lack of talent at the point guard position, it makes sense they would weaken the big rotation in exchange for strength there. The question is: what shooters are available for the price Chicago is offering?

The Cleveland Cavaliers swooped up Kyle Korver for an extremely small price, but it is doubtful there is another deal that good on the market.

The Portland Trail Blazers are desperate for improved big man play, and have shooters up and down the roster. If the Bulls were willing to throw in a pick or interesting prospect, the deal would make sense for both sides.

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