Taj Gibson Criticizes Dwyane Wade for Lack of Effort

Taj Gibson Criticizes Dwyane Wade for Lack of Effort

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When you sign a 35-year-old future Hall-of-Famer like Dwyane Wade, the expectation of special treatment comes along with him.

Wade has been on a unique schedule all season, taking off back-to-backs and skipping practices at will. It is what a player in his position has to do in order to prolong his career and preserve his health.

It is easy to understand from an outsider’s perspective — but based on the following quote from Chicago big Taj Gibson, it has been a little more difficult to understand for Wade’s teammates.

Young guys just want a little bit more from him,” Gibson said. “He brung it today. He pushed the young guys. And that’s a sign that that meeting did a little something. It’s all about positive. We’re not trying to have any negative aspects, anything like that. We got everybody against us right now. The only people who are going to help us out of this is ourselves. And we understand that. And [John Paxson] said it in the meeting yesterday, too.”

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This comes not long after Wade and fellow Bulls star Jimmy Butler called out their teammates for not caring enough about winning, inspiring Bulls guard Rajon Rondo to respond on Instagram. Gibson’s comments lineup with what Rondo talked about in his lengthy Instagram post.

My vets didn’t pick and choose when they wanted to bring it.They brought it every time they stepped in the gym whether it was practice or a game. They didn’t take days off.”

That was clearly a shot at Wade which resonated with Gibson and some of his younger Bulls teammates.

The longtime Bulls big notes that Wade was clearly affected by the team-wide meeting, so it will be interesting to see if he continues moving in this positive direction, or if the locker room will ascend further into chaos.

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