Trade Proposal Sending Jimmy Butler To Boston Celtics Pending

Trade Proposal Sending Jimmy Butler To Boston Celtics Pending

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Jimmy Butler is arguably the best player on the Chicago Bulls right now with Derrick Rose being the only other contender for that title. Butler has found himself in an awkward position on the Chicago Bulls as last season has not worked out for them.

Many Bulls’ fans hate the idea of trading Butler away, but the Celtics may have the assets to keep both sides happy. Dan Favale reports there is a trade on the table that could send Butler to the Boston Celtics:

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–Dan Favale,  Bleacher Report

If this happens, you can be assured that the Bulls will be in full rebuild mode. Butler is one of the best players on the team and trading him away will only mean that the Bulls are looking to rebuild and put another team together.

This may be one of the most unpopular decisions the Bulls make, but it may be one that builds a brighter future for Chicago. After a playoff-less season, the Bulls must do something to boost the franchise in an upward direction.

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