Video: Crowd Erupts as Dwyane Wade is Introduced for First Time at United Center

Video: Crowd Erupts as Dwyane Wade is Introduced for First Time at United Center

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Dwyane Wade Pregame Intro

One of the most iconic sounds in NBA history was the introduction of Michael Jordan when they called out starting lineups before the game in Chicago. “From North Carolina, the guard, 6’6″ Michael Jordan!” The Chicago crowd would go absolutely nuts.

Now, a different legend occupies the shooting guard position in Chicago. And while Dwyane Wade’s pregame introductions may not give goosebumps in the same way that Jordan’s did, the Chicago native’s first introduction at United Center earlier today is still one for the books.

Wade opted to go for the opening spot in the intros instead of the closing spot typically saved for the best player on the team. This moment probably compares better to the first introduction of Derrick Rose than to the old introductions of Jordan, given the Chicago native angle. Plus, Jordan was the best player of all-time, and Wade is only the second best shooting guard on his own team at the moment.

The crowd embraces Wade with cheers and open arms, but we still aren’t close to the point of Wade in a Bulls uniform looking normal. It gives the same feeling as seeing Jordan in a Washington Wizards uniform or seeing Paul Pierce in a Brooklyn Nets uniform. Which only begs the question, will this be Wade’s last stop — like Jordan with the Wizards — or will he end up going on a bit of a tour of the league like Pierce, who played for the Wizards and is now spending his final season with the Clippers? Only time will tell. But either way, Wade’s first season in Chicago is highly anticipated.

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