Woman Accusing Derrick Rose of Rape Releases First Public Statement

Woman Accusing Derrick Rose of Rape Releases First Public Statement

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Former Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose has been involved in a trial in which a woman is accusing him and two others of gang rape for over a year now. The trial is scheduled for October 4.

Today, the woman Rose allegedly assaulted, whose identity has never been revealed, spoke publicly for the first time.

As soon as I woke up, I was dressed, I had my dress on from the previous night and I never go to sleep with what I’m wearing. I always prepare myself first to go to sleep,” she said. “So I had the dress and it was up on my neck and I felt very wet and slippery. There was lubricant all over my bed and on my legs. Everything was tossed in my bed. There was a condom wrapper and a closed one not used.

“That was just shocking to see all that,” she continued, “almost like I didn’t want to believe it.”


She also spoke her choice to stay anonymous, explaining that her family has no idea the trial is going on:

They have a sense something’s wrong, but there’s no way I can express to them or explain to them how I feel or what I’m going through.

“Having to think of alternative ways to communicate that pain is very stressful and it takes a lot out of you.”

Rose’s lawyers are weaponizing this interview against the plaintiff, saying her decision to do interviews only confirms her ulterior motives in the case.

The plaintiff, who was involved in a relationship with Rose for multiple years, is suing for $21.5 million in damages. The trial will take place just three weeks before Rose starts his first season with his new team, the New York Knicks.

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