LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Take Major Shot at Miami Heat

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade Take Major Shot at Miami Heat

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Dwyane Wade has finally joined the Chicago Bulls and there are plenty of reasons why he left the Miami Heat to join them. In a recent interview, LeBron James claims he was shocked that Wade did not get a Kobe-like deal.

ESPN did an interview with Chris Paul and James where they said Wade should follow his heart. Later it surfaced that James was shocked that the Heat did nothing to keep their franchise player:

They was in disbelief that I didn’t have any deal that I wanted. Bron always said when we was in Miami, he always said, “D-Wade is going to be like Kobe. He’s going to get that Kobe deal.” So I think their disbelief was, “Why are you even a free agent? You shouldn’t even be.”

Most fans of the Miami Heat organization believe Wade deserved every penny of a big contract after taking so many sacrifices for the organization. Wade is now in a Bulls uniform and more importantly, he’s home. With LeBron defending Wade as well, many will question the Heat’s motives and loyalty to their star players.

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